Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Where Are People Immigrating To?

The most popular immigration destinations are well known – the USA, for example, is traditionally one of the world’s most desirable destinations and is said to be a country ‘built on immigration’. Likewise, Canada and Australia are very popular as immigration countries due to the high quality of life and fantastic job opportunities.

Other countries are perhaps more unexpected – Russia is one of the world’s most popular immigration and emigration countries, with 12 million going to the country and 11 million leaving it. India, too, features in the world’s top 10 immigration and emigration destinations with over 5 million people coming into the country every year and 11 million leaving. Some people may be surprised to learn that the UK is also in the top 10 countries for people emigrating. Almost 216 million people – of 3.15% of the world’s population – live outside their home countries. 8% of these migrants are refugees and displaced from their home.

Most of the top countries for both immigration and emigration can be explained by looking at the world’s most popular ‘migration corridors’ – these are popular routes for migrants to take from their home country to a new one. The most popular in the world is Mexico to the USA, which is also very tightly enforced with a lot of rules to be allowed to pass into the USA. The second and third most popular routes are Russia to the Ukraine, and Ukraine to Russia – the numbers for both these routes are roughly similar since 2010.

While these routes have remained the same since 2010, visa and immigration laws are continually updated and affect whether or not people can actually access the country in the same way. When Canada closed the Federal Skilled Worker route in previous years, which affected the number of people who could come to Canada. Recently, Israel has seen an increase in people immigrating to the country from France, Australia, and New Zealand, while Canadian visas re-opening has also cause a slight increase.

When people take one of the most popular immigration routes, they need to remember that they have to follow the latest rules. Visa legislation in a lot of countries means that migrants are often in competition with each other, and getting the right number of points or making a better case for immigration can spell the difference between success and failure in an application. 

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